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The company invited Zhongxu West Point Executive College to conduct management training for the company's employees.

In order to meet the needs of the company's continuous development and further improve the company's management level, the company's thinking from the management team is a breakthrough. Mr. Zhou Ming, a gold medal lecturer of Zhongxu Enterprise Management Expert, was invited to come to Weifang Gaoxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. to give a passionate speech to all management cadres.
The West Point Executive Training Course on August 21, 2009 started in Weifang Gaoxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. The content of this training is mainly based on the West Point training model, which enhances the executive ability of the company's management personnel, thus ensuring the company's ability to sustain development. Through the lectures, interviews, and physical behaviors, the training course instilled the West Point concept for all employees of the company. The training scene was full of passion, warm applause, loud answer, and the execution of the instructions, the passion was unprecedentedly released. In this training, Mr. Zhou Ming introduced the training mode of the United States West Point Military Academy and emphasized that it is necessary to "do obey the unified command and perform no excuses." The four principles of "consistent goals, consistent interests, unified thinking, and consistent behavior" were put forward to all the participants.
In the team spirit education, the teacher emphasized the importance of teamwork and pointed out that “there is no perfect individual in the world, only a perfect team”, so “only cooperation can have value”. “A great goal requires a great team to complete”, so the great goal of completing our company's development must be based on creating our great team.
Regarding courage and responsibility, it is necessary to be 100% responsible for the results of your actions. It emphasizes that you must see the results when you do things. You can't just complete errands, routines, and perfunctory things. As a result, many things are gone. The result is: Does the behavior have value: what is it for the company and its customers? And “To make things better, first make yourself better,” you must change yourself before you change the outcome of things. Everyone must “develop a habit of being responsible for the results of their actions”
After the training, the general manager of the company Jin concluded: the training activities from the overall atmosphere and feedback from the trainees, reached the expected purpose of the training. The training is over, but there is a long process from concept training to habit formation. This process is to put the accepted ideas into reality. In the usual work and production process to maintain their habits. Pay attention to the results of work in the way of thinking; cultivate team spirit in work practice; adhere to the principle of customer first when dealing with problems; in the continuous practice, learn the spirit of West Point and cultivate the excellent team of Gaoxin Company.
The chairman finally pointed out: Gaoxin Company is developing very fast, and its development will be faster in the future. If we want to adapt to the development situation, we must change our old thinking mode. We believe that with the efforts of all employees, we must continue to train ourselves with the West Point model. Create our great team and Gaoxin will develop faster.

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