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Earthquake relief, all-in-one, Gaoxin employees, heart-hit areas!

At 14:28 on May 12, 2008, an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, which shocked China. Up to now, nearly 10,000 lives have passed in an instant, hundreds of thousands of people are unclear, and millions of people have a hard time returning home. The rain is still coming, and the disaster is still expanding. Huge and sudden tragic circumstances shrouded the hearts of Chinese people.
At the moment of the disaster, the prime minister rushed and the army went up. The people in the disaster area need a pair of hands and pull them out of the ruins; they need a bag of blood to save the lost life; they need a tent for temporary shelter. At this moment, when we look at the pictures of the disaster scene on the Internet and a timely and documentary news, our hearts are really difficult to calm down, but they can only be silent. A child had been smashed out during the earthquake. At that time, he returned to the classroom to save his classmates, but he was taken away by the collapsed house. A great mother knew that she had no hope, but she did her best. The strength saved the three-month-old child. A female policeman, parents and children were all killed by the earthquake, still fighting the front line of disaster relief; a female warrior, entrusting the breastfeeding child to the parents, using their breast milk to help those who have no mother baby. There are so many heroes who have sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others, or who are dedicated to their own safety. Too many, we have not counted. A paragraph of text, a picture, and the sound of the scene, all hit our nerves.
To this end, we advocate the launch of an emergency disaster relief fundraiser for “earthquake relief and building a love monument”. We hope that the company's employees can lend a helping hand together, and we hope that more caring people can contribute together. Any name of the deceased will be commemorated; any effort for disaster relief should also be remembered.
Disasters are ruthless, there is love on earth; one is difficult, and all parties support. In addition to funds for rescue and reconstruction, blood, rescue equipment, tents, clothes, bedding, food, mineral water, medical supplies, environmental and drinking water disinfectants and other materials can help the people in the disaster areas to tide over the difficulties. Let countless feelings, save the compatriots who are suffering, let countless loves, ignite the hope that the country will continue to move forward. Let us act!

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