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Relying on Gaoxin Technology to create environmental protection products

2018 Chinaplas - Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Shandong Gaoxin Chemical Co., Ltd. closely follows the theme of “Innovative Plastic Future” and brings the most innovative and environmentally friendly new chloride products to the exhibition to share the fruits of technological innovation with the rest of the world.
With the continuous deepening of the country's reform and opening up, Gaoxin people adhering to the spirit of "self-improvement, ethics and morality", not forgetting the initial heart, advancing and following the footsteps of national development, taking the lead in completing the transformation of new and old capacity structure and creating a green environmental protection workshop.
At this exhibition, the new products of chlorine and chemical series brought by our company have been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign colleagues. On the same day, we signed a million-level order, and the processing characteristics of easy processing and one-time molding greatly reduced energy waste. The performance has also been greatly improved, and truly realizes “to replace steel with plastic”.

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