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 HCPE RESIN is one kind  of hig-molecular polymer after PE’s Depth chlorination. It is white powder and no-toxic, no odor. Characteristic of HCPE : ◆Superior chemical stability and strong resistance to chemical corrosion ◆Resistance to light and heat aging ◆Superior anti - mildew and flame retardant performance ◆Current thread ◆Good solubility, compatibility and free colorability HCPE usage: 1.With good chemical stability, chemical resistance, and it's corrosion resistance is higher than Vinylidene Chloride. chlorosulfonated polyethylene 1 or 2 times.        2. Excellent resistance to aging and weather resistance.    3. Good adhesion     4. It's flame retardant property is very good and gas defense ,mould proof.     5. With good electrical isolation, compatibility and Free coloration.  

08 Oct,2022

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