• Product Detail
    • Commodity name: CPVC C5117

    CPVC COMPOUND Characteristics

    1. Provide products with medium heat resistance, high heat resistance, high impact resistance, high flame resistance and different characteristics, close to the market;

    2. Supply in different types of pellets and powder for convenient use;

    3. Combine mechanical performance, heat resistance, processing performance, flame resistance and corrosion resistance through the organic combination of formula, with outstanding comprehensive performance;

    4. Design personalized products for users.

    Main application of CPVC COMPOUND:

    ♦Heat pipes and components Such as hot water pipes and components

    ♦ Corrosion resistant pipeline and parts Such as industrial pipe and parts

    ♦ Fire pipe

    ♦ Residential building materials

    ♦ Electricity with the casing

    ♦Industrial plate, sheet and rod

    ♦ Special-shaped pieces and parts to other application

    Key words:
    • CPVC

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